Case study for Hepco Motion®
HepcoMotion, part of the Hepco Group of companies is a world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components.. They are a major supplier to the Automation, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Food, Mechanical Handling, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Scientific, Nuclear, Machine Tools, Printing, Architecture, Film and Television.

We looked at various surface engineering solutions to enhance the surface properties of our products and decided to go with the most cost effective solution, that gave us a hard(in excess of 900HV), thin(~3microns) and durable surface with good lubrication and improved corrosion resistance, Low maintenance and life extension. This was the Armoloy coating, consisting of electroplated chromium at both a high concentration (99.6%) and well bonded to the surface (there is no Flaking, Cracking, Peeling or Chipping).

We have definitely noticed an extended effective life and a better performance across all our supply applications. We would definitely recommend the Armoloy coating to any manufacturing industry to enhance both the mechanical and chemical resistance properties of the base material.

Mould and Dies
oil & gas
food and packaging
Bearing Applications