food and packaging

ARMOLOY TDC makes food-processing equipment last longer and clean up faster. Armoloy has USDA / FDA approval for machinery applications. Corrosion can be reduced and / or eliminated in most applications. The low co-efficient of friction of ARMOLOY reduces wear and maintenance downtime. The lubricious nature of the coating, combined with its outstanding wear resistance allows food processing equipment to operate better and withstand daily wash-downs and cleaning. ARMOLOY can be applied to ALL grades of stainless steel and can eliminate the need for teflon or other non-durable surface coatings. Adhesion to the base material is absolute, the coating will not chip, flake or peel and can withstand temperatures of up to 840oC.

Proven Applications:

  • Heat Sealing Tooling
  • Rails
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Flow Regulation Bearing (corrosion resistance)
  • Chopping, Coring and Cutting Tools
  • Slides
  • Hoppers
  • Feeder systems
  • Chutes, Guides, Valves & Shafts

Mould and Dies
oil & gas
food and packaging
Bearing Applications

Surface Assurance in Processing & Packaging

The Armoloy Process of surface Assurance makes equipment run faster, cleaner and more cheaply.

In machinery and in production processes, Armoloy improves component performance, increases operational efficiencies and fosters clean environments.

Armoloy uniquely permeates and bonds with the base material to give a totally integrated surface that will not chip, flake, crack or peel.

Surface Protection + Surface Performance = Surface Assurance

production and maintenance costs,
friction, wear & corrosion.

productivity, machine & component
performance, reliability, product life.